This logo is so special to me. It captures everything I hope to achieve at Natasha Clarey Photography. You see all four seasons in one beautiful image. When you take a photograph you capture a single moment in time, a newborn baby, a senior getting ready to set their own path, a family just starting out, or grandparents cherishing time with their grandchildren. Each season just as precious as the one before. The Bible verse below "To everything there is a season" are wise words from King Solomon. I thank the Lord everyday for the gifts and blessings upon my life. What makes this logo even more special is that the tree was created by my Gramma, Beverly Jackson-Cotter, and is used with her blessing as I take my first steps on this new adventure.

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"To everything there is a season."

Natasha Clarey Photography     1709 W. Main St.     Albert Lea, MN 56007